Award winning team of professional florists, customizing in home, party & garden design. We have vast experience of both small and large scale projects.

bilzen, belgium
the beauty of nature is hidden in details
ostend, belgium
exposition opened by the king and queen of belgium
kunshan, china
beauty of simplicity, an autumn never to forget
bilzen, belgium
simplicity of flowers strengthen the design
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Party design

Whatever party you need to have decorated belongs to our field of expertise

Restaurant decoration with white flowers composed on the tables in a conical branch structure. At the ceiling they allcome together and decorate the whole room this way.
Buxus and white orchids are the main flowers used in this project. Beautiful curls divide the space and in the middle glass sticks seperate them. White orchids are hanging down between the glass.

Indoor & outdoor projects

Our competence goes much further than decorating interior space. Even up to big parks and gardens.

Corporate locations

Your company needs to have a trade fair decoration, or an entrance decoration of the firm?

Big tulip decoration build from half sphere at the base and cone on top of it. Structures made of willow. Projects like this are specific for corporate marketing purposes.
Table decorations are one of the most important subjects in floristry education of the EFDE. Here we see a decoration made of red cornus curling over the table with in the center part red Bromelia flowers used for making a contrast of texture.

Floristry projects

Floristry decorations, demonstrations, seminars are our core business for more than 25 years