International floral education
Your biggest dream is becoming a florist at the highest level,
organise a stunning workshop for your flower friends,
have an exceptional party to decorate?
We make it work!
Explore our new concept worlds in florist education
In our European Floral Design Education(EFDE) we set up new ways of teaching, connected to the reality on the workfloor.
Highest level floristry and technology
More than 32 years international experience in floral art, education and projects
Floral art is fun! Everyone artist!!!
People love flowers! Discover the fun of following workshops or seminars. Immerse yourself in the world of floral art.
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Hi, I am


I am an international floral designer who wants to share all my floral experiences I gathered during my 32 years floral career. I have a enormous love for nature, and constantly looking for added value and aesthetics. Enjoy your travel through this website!

about you

Try  it  yourself

What makes design so alluring? We believe the answer is designers. That’s why we have made our entire focus on you – the designer. Your style, your ideas, your creativity need to be supported. But to be able to do so you need a good background, a decent regular floral education. Once you have this:  Go on! Try, share and design!

I love flowers

About me

Welcome to my world of passion  for flowers. We spent 32 years of growing to our current level. Always flowers have taken a central place in our life! Also today they still are the ultimate way of expressing our feelings and desires. They make our life worth living for!! If you are really interested in floristry, or floral education more specific and want to follow me from nearby just follow my social media. Regularly these will be updated.

My social media

35 meter long and 7 meter high spiral movement made from Abies and red painted ferns. Walking through this construction gives a spectacular experienceI.

How to become a great florist?
Get the proper floral education!

Your wildest dream is making flowers your profession??

The EFDE and the EFDME are the floral educations necessary to be successful in this industry.
The best theoretical knowledge combined with practicing contemporary floral art are the top issues of this groundbreaking education.
Modular systems allow you to go fast and keep working during your study.

Design Fashion Realism Modern Classic Baroque

All different styles of flower arranging

belong to our expertise.