History of our education

Start of a floral career

We want to explain something about the history of our floral design education. In 1985 we had a bright start setting up our own flower shop in Lier. The best available floral classes we took, we got into competitions and attended flower shows ,so floral  magazines and flower clubs noticed us. First on a national, later on an international level. We started teaching at the Antwerp Flower Academy for ten years. 

Afterwards we set up our own school “Fluvium”, which is Latin for stream. This explains more about the philosophy of our school. The most easy way to proceed in life is doing what the majority of people do: follow the flow. To be  different, we want to go upstream. There is no challenge in following well trodden paths and create what has been done 1000 times before. What we do is the hardest way but the only one to be regarded.

Big green wreath made from Typha grass which is knotted. Thousands of knots pinned on a wreath. The center of the wreath is decorated with a Phalaenopsis orchid.
Beautiful conical container made from Corylus. Inside there are water tubes and all coloured papaver flowers.  Poppies are one of the most  beautiful spring flowers.

First floral schools set up in Belgium and Russia

We created a school with two educations, a Technical Class specialized in teaching techniques and for the more experienced students we organized a Master Class. Those create their own composition according to a given theme, with restrictions and obligations. Soon the Antwerp school was expanded in Hasselt. From the beginning we set up big floral exhibitions, demonstrations and shows involving students. A group of the best students built our floral projects for more than 20 years. As the interest of foreign countries became bigger, the Belgium teaching classes got under a big stress. The Russian floral schools were the first foreign clients. They contacted us for a cooperation with Fluvium. So, first Fluid, International Floral School, Yekaterinburg later Magenta, International Floral Academy, Saint-Petersburg appointed us as Head-Teacher of their school.

Recent evolution: new regular education EFDE

The next floral school who invited us to teach was Sikastone, Flower Education in Beijing. They can be considered the most prestigious flower school in the world. Here we  educate young people  with an enormous passion for flowers and a dedication to become a proper florist!  Technical knowledge is not enough to be successful in this profession. We  set up a regular modular system because this allowed a student to keep working in his current job but grow into his dream step by step. So, the EFDE system was born! Nowadays we still teach  the traditional seminars and give demonstrations all over the world or we come and teach our brand new EFDE-system.

If any interest about the history of our floral design education can be read on our blog page. 

The palm branch that carries the fruits of dates is positioned on a plate and seperated by a vertical branche. Some red berries and a helleborus at the bottom makes the composition complete.

The best flower education in the world!