European Floral Design Education

Our basic education

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European Floral Design Education

The EFDE was set up in order to establish a completely new generation of well educated florists. These are not only skilled in producing wonderful flower compositions but also have enough luggage to earn a decent living in these hard economical times. Often we have met passionate young florists who had to quit their biggest dream because they couldn’t live up to the financial requirements. The only way to prevent this is by following a proper education, that leads much further than the practical issues of our profession.

To achieve this goal we have studied all major flower educations in the world and made the best possible synthesis. So, we structured this theoretical info and wrote our 6 unique manuals. Combined with 32 years of experience in this industry we set up a concept that is hard to equal. As we consider floral art to be a practical profession we implemented all this theoretical knowledge into a  contemporary floral practical program. So you learn your theory by practising. This way you learn about the “why” we do certain things in a certain way.

floral   Design

With a proper floral education which is based on technical knowledge you can create whatever you dream about, realize the most sophisticated compositions.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

Everyone florist!   


This slogan just proofs that everyone who has the ambition to become a florist can succeed in our program. He/she needs to have the proper mentality to fight to reach that goal! Become all passionate about flowers.

Inside our course of the EFDE we put a lot of attention to the classic topics as bouquets, table decorations, festivities and wedding decorations. If you want to have any idea about the content we are teaching follow the link below. 

Bridal  work  is the  most  efficient  way  to  differentiate  you  from  your  competitors.  It  shows  your  technical  skills  and  creative  abilities.  There  are  quite  some  rules  to  follow  and  knowledge  necessary!