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About: Stef Adriaenssens

In 1985 Stef started together with his wife, Katrien his own flower shop in Lier, a small city nearby Antwerp. After training at the ‘Daniel Ost Flower School’ and his membership of the contemporary floral design workgroup Alluvium Stef went his own way. Competitions, floral magazines, product designs, product presentations, teaching and demonstrating on national and international level resulted in an exceptional, unique craftsmanship. This extraordinary cocktail of creativity is what characterises Stef the most is his quest for pure aesthetics, where possible in a new constellation, a fresh design.

After 32 years of keeping a high level flower shop, he had to give up his first passion for teaching, demonstrating and setting up big floral project on international level. By developing the European Floral Design Education (EFDE) and the European Floral Design Master Education (EFDME) he could educate young Chinese and Russian florists which has become his main passion now. This regular floral education system has not only a practical side but also a theoretical.

Floral Designer

Experienced floral designer with flower shop for over 32 years. Editor and final editor of floral and lifestyle magazines for 20 years. International demonstrator. Workshops and seminars.

Floral projects

First as participant of floral exhibitions, later as organizer of floral projects. Big floral projects and decorations all over the world, specifically in Russia and China.

Floral teacher

International floral teacher. Author of the European Floral Design Education (EFDE) and European Floral Design Master Education (EFDME). Belgium certification system.


With 32 years of experience on  international level our knowledge in all segments of the floral industry is unique. Consult on the highest level in the floral industry.

Magazine Review

The manner to which Stef approaches different forms of art in his floral projects can surely be called ground-breaking. Thanks to a good cooperation with like-minded artists from other art disciplines, he creates synergy. 

The unique installations and floral/plant designs of Adriaenssens look almost like installations in modern art museums. Blending the unexpected with classical shapes and clean lines, his work is genuine art. Adriaenssens began his path as a floral artist when he was a child, fascinated by his parents’ flower shop. He honed his style after his work with various floral art magazines brought him into contact with a broad range of professionals.

The style of Stef in two words: pure aesthetics. 

Justin Hughes, Melbourne, Australia

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