Flower circle on the water kept by stones from the brute river. Yellow green and brown. Land Art at its best!

Stef stops his successful flower shop after 32 years to focus on floral education!

Hi, I am Stef, I am planning to write some small articles on this blog on a regular base concerning floristry.

Today my main focus is on teaching the European Floral Design Education (EFDE) at Sikastone, Beijing but it hasn’t been like this forever. We were running a flower shop for more than 32 years in Belgium. The topics of these articles will be various. Mainly they will be about floral arranging, but you can also expect topics which connect to our industry. Human interest and general knowledge we also consider to be very important as the future of our profession will not merely exist in buying and selling flowers. Our future will be determined by adding value to our products and storytelling. Therefore, education is so important if you want to become successful in this profession. We hope to inform you about our courses in general and at Sikastone in particular but also try to pass on our passion for the most beautiful profession in the world.

student making complex floral composition in class

We have 32 years of experience in the flower business and this is the base of our EFDE course. We can teach our students from the experience we built up in our shop, working for floral magazines, international seminars and workshops, competitions and teaching. In December 2017 we made a spectacular decision in favour of our education at Sikastone. We informed the newspapers and television news channel we are stopping our flower business from 1st of January 2018. Although it feels like killing one of our own children, we had no other choice. Either we keep working for our flower business and stop teaching or choose for our students and the EFDE education.

This might seem to be a strange decision and seen from a business point of view an enormous financial risk, but we have our reasons to make this step. We consider Sikastone to be the best school in China, and even without exaggeration, the best in the world. We have been teaching for many years and never encountered a school with such a professional approach. The philosophy, the atmosphere of the location and the gentle and dedicated staff make this school unique in the world. Therefore, we decided to develop the EFDE program here and we are happy with the chances we get.  

We can make a significant contribution to the Chinese floral industry if we can be successful in our goal. As we are developing a completely new generation of Chinese florists in an EFDE program, which is the most complete and professional floral education program in the world, China will become more and more important in the international floral scene. So, all these positive emotions made the choice for us less hard to take.  

So, we hope many of you are going to read and follow our posts as we promise you they will be interesting to read and even may inspire you to take some of our classes or subscribe to the EFDE program at Sikastone.

Enjoy reading!!



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